Step 1

If you are not good on a ladder or even a stepladder, don’t attempt this. You really need 2 people for this, one to measure and the other to write those measurements down. See the diagram below and there is one video. This is similar to measuring for window treatments where you take a top, middle and bottom measurement for the width and the same for the height. Take the smallest of the 3 measurements of the width and the smallest of the height and subtract 1/4 inch from the narrowest width and 1/4 inch from the shortest height measurement. Enter this on your diagram. The measurement is taken from where the existing window frame meets the exterior of the home.

Step 2

You are only taking 1 width and 1 height measurement, adding 1.5 inch to the width and 1.5 inch to the height and rounding up to the nearest full inch. On the diagram you printed off, put down the type/style of window (operator, slider, picture, etc.). Then measure the width where the existing window meets the interior sheetrock (or paneling, etc.). Assume the width measurement from is 45.5 inches; add the 1.5 inch and write down 47 inches for the width. Assume the height measurement was 69 inches. You add the 1.5 inch and arrive 70.5. Remember to round up to the nearest full inch. You would put this height measurement at 71 inches.

Download “Zeus mesuring diagram” and fill the details. You can can print off to assist to write down the measurements and stay organized.

Zeus Measuring Diagram


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